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The story of "EMMA"

Guest entry. Marco Mambretti, PhD-wannabe in tumour angiogenesis, shared with me his excticing journey across the scientific universe.  Emma is a PCR tubes tray. Emma is smart and green. Emma is not just a tray, an object, an soulless items, but Emma has got feelings and dreams. For most of the follower of this blog, it would not make any sense and never will, but one of the biggest dream of Emma, the green tray, is to travel around the world, experience everything that a life as a PCR tubes tray can offer. Here we document one of the adventure of green Emma, this usually is a common trip that happens on Tuesdays or Fridays, but today something new happened. After have accomplished its/her job, Emma decided to take a pause from her usual routine and go for a walk. A tour in Bioscience building getting lost surrounded by incomprehensible and faint science posters...  Observing collections of skeletons in corridor which made Emma really scared...poor Emma.  A fast tr

faces of espain

Espania and Espanians that I met * *