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The English Riviera

Southern coast of England remains the most popular holiday destination in the whole UK. With average rainfall of 1000mm, it attempts to redefine your understanding of the word 'riviera'. Torquay, May 2015. Although well equipped, the beach remains empty.  Palm trees were planted to add an exotic touch in the town. Despite this effort, English Riviera experiences a decline in staying visitors economy each year (according to The South West Research Company).   Microorganisms from seagull droppings are the main factor of causing beaches unfit for swimmers. English Riviera advertises itself to 'be famous from its attractive coastline'. The town attempts to provide an alternative attraction in case of rain. On that day, the Big Wheel was closed. 

swinging saturday

Little flashback of lindy hop workshop with Katie Sewell, The purest and the finest joy of dance, good swing rythm and sun :)

process of waiting

the next train leaves in 30min. short story about waiting - for a train, due to a delay or because it arrived to fast;  waiting because, driven by a reisen fieber, you arrived one hour in advance.  waiting for your significant ones to arrive, waiting in the line to the toilet, waiting for a third coffee in a row  as many as different reasons of waiting, there are different forms: active (when you either play on your phone, or socialize with the travel mates), semi-active (you check the schedule every minute in case something has changed), passive (you just vegetate and discover surrealistic areas of your imagination) waiting is associated with a whole range of different feelings - from the state of being deadly bored to overexcitement. there is a room for a surprise, anger, for a disappointment, hope.  this is a time is in excess and was not planned to be spent