process of waiting

the next train leaves in 30min.
short story about waiting - for a train, due to a delay or because it arrived to fast; 
waiting because, driven by a reisen fieber, you arrived one hour in advance. 
waiting for your significant ones to arrive, waiting in the line to the toilet, waiting for a third coffee in a row 

as many as different reasons of waiting, there are different forms: active (when you either play on your phone, or socialize with the travel mates), semi-active (you check the schedule every minute in case something has changed), passive (you just vegetate and discover surrealistic areas of your imagination)
waiting is associated with a whole range of different feelings - from the state of being deadly bored to overexcitement. there is a room for a surprise, anger, for a disappointment, hope. 

this is a time is in excess and was not planned to be spent 

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