Your National Parks

The grande finale of my year-long scholarship in USA was an epic trip across the west coast of America. A trip – legend, a must-do for cliche-chasing tourists, a must-see of Keurack enthusisasts. We started from San Francisco; went down through 5 line highways to glamorous Los Angeles, then took right towards the lights of Las Vegas. Three iconic cities and everything what was in between.
In between there was a miraculuous nature – tremendous Sierra Nevada, mountains facing to the Atlantic Ocean. There were sequoia trees, as high that they make you think there are a ladder to heaven. There were desserts of Nevada with a moon landscape and the most imaginative sculptures of wind erosion. Legends.
At that point of my life I had just rediscovered my love to black and white photography , that – despite being deprived of colours – was able to show the most stunning tones. The master of this genre is undeniably Ansel Adams. Being a citizen of California and a long-term activist for american nature, Adams built an incredible body of work. His landscapes, shown as compositions of shadows and forms, were collected into several albums, including „Our National Parks”.  A legend.
„Your national parks” was my homework that I got from Ansel Adams. The pictures were taken during a week long hikes and walks across Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, California, and The Valley of Fire in Nevada.

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